[Typo3] change order of records in dropdown (BE)

Pieter Jelle pieter.jelle at invalid.invalid
Thu Jun 9 01:51:05 CEST 2005

Hello all

I have written an extension which uses a few tables, two of which are 
'show' and 'location'. When adding a show in the backend, I can select a 
location from the list of available locations. However, that list is not 
sorted alphabetically on the field 'name', but sorted on uid. Is there a 
way to get this list to show in alphabetical order?
I used kickstarter to lay the foundations for this extension, and I told 
Typo3 to sort on the 'name'-field (using "If Manual ordering is not set, 
order the table by this field:"), but this does not seem to have any effect.
I have been looking in the source of Typo3 for quite some time now to 
find how and where to change this (since I couldn't find a way to 
configure this), but to no avail. Any help on how to do this or where to 
look would be most welcome.

Pieter Jelle

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