[Typo3] How to access a module method via Typoscript

Jochen Rieger j.rieger at connecta.ag
Fri Jun 3 10:42:34 CEST 2005

Hi Rudi,

thanks for your ideas. A cron job wouldn't be that comfortable as I'm 
planning to release it as an official extension. Not everyone has access 
to cron jobs on his server.

The front end plugin is a nice idea. But I want to make sure, that 
everytime, someone hits a page (at least one with tt_news content on it) 
  the import should be triggered first.

So... it's hard then to put an additional import FE plugin on every page 
(that also contains a tt_news plug).

Maybe a hook in tt_news would do it then!? That way it would be sure 
that the import is always triggered someone visits a tt_news page... so 
the content would always be up to date.

Maybe there is another way concerning typoscript USER object that will
be called everytime someone hits a page then!?

Thanks and greets,

Rudy Gnodde wrote:
> Hello Jochen,
> I would use a cron job on the server for that. If you don't have that
> option or you don't want to use a cron job you can make a front end
> plugin that does the job and doesn't show any content. If you add this
> plugin to a page it will be triggered every time someone visits that
> page.
> Groeten,
> Rudy Gnodde
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>>Onderwerp: [Typo3] How to access a module method via Typoscript
>>I'm writing a backend module which lets you administrate RSS-Feeds
> from
>>which an import should be started and their items to be put into the
>>tt_news table in order to be in the normal news workflow.
>>My problem now is how to get the import triggered automatically.
>>My idea is to put some typoscript code into the root template. E.g. a
>>USER object which calls a method within my module class via .userfunc.
>>Do I have to include the class then via includeLibs or is there any
>>other (better) possibility to achieve a triggering via page call?
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