[Typo3] Drag and drop in backend

Stephane Schitter stephane.schitter at free.fr
Fri Jun 3 03:34:12 CEST 2005


I have now updated the extension so that it works with Internet Explorer. So if
you download the latest version of the ss_dragdrop extension it should work for
you. The fact that you run 3.7.0 or 3.8.0 does not create any issue, as I tested
it to be working on 3.7.0 as well.

Answering other comments seen on the list, I was not able to embed some kind of
visual feedback into the extension that alerts the user that he is actually
doing a drag of an object, so I was not able to build some kind of "icon follow
the mouse" functionality. How badly is that required ?

Also, given the discussions that we've seen on how to request hooks in the core,
etc... does any of the experienced devs think that this extension should be
based on a hook rather than an XCLASS ?

Any more feedback welcome.


Quoting tapio <tapio.markula at dnainternet.net>:

> Well I tested with MS IE 6.0 & Typo3 3.7.0 - doesn't work at all.
> Works in Firefox - but problelmatic - I can move page as a sub-page,
> but NOT after some page - it goes always as sub-page of some other page.
> This extension doesn't do all, what can be done with the wizard.

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