[Typo3] adapting DHTML menu

Todd Jackson Todd.Jackson at manukau.ac.nz
Wed Jun 1 23:46:10 CEST 2005

I am a noobie to typo3 and have looked at the template parts 1&2 tutorials.
I need to be able to render my drop-down menu in NN 4.7 browser, I note that
the typo3 menus are based on xhtml & css2 std so no suprises, but
unfortunately I have to break those stds and use html 4.1 & tables etc..
I have found that the ezmenu can achieve what I need, but can it be adapted
to typo3, if so would I use TEXT or HMENU cObjects to implement this , as I
want to be able to wrap this menuStr to include all the page pids of site
tree as per typo3's menu implementation.
Can I do this, and can someone point me on the right path.
The script below will generate a 3-level horizontal drop down menu based on
dynamically generating the following menuStr i.e.
"...the menu is defined by a javascript variable menuStr. The format of this
variable is the same as the format used by the MenuMaker Panel Entries. As
such, it is easy to use server or client side scripts like ASP, PHP or
Javascript to generate this variable dynamically on the webpage."

var menuStr;

/* Use ASP or PHP to generate the following italicised portion. */
/* The format is the same as the MenuMaker Panel Entries. */
/* Note the use of \n to denote a new line. */

menuStr = "Type:Bar,....\n"
menuStr += "Panel=MainBar\n"
menuStr += "Item 1^^SubMenu1\n"
menuStr += "Item 2^http://yahoo.com^SubMenu2\n"
menuStr += "Item 3^http://yahoo.com\n"
menuStr += "Panel=SubMenu1\n"
menuStr += "Item 4\n"
menuStr += "Item 5\n"
menuStr += "Type:Vertical,.....\n"
menuStr += "Panel=SubMenu2\n"
menuStr += "!Title Item\n"
menuStr += "Item 6\n"
menuStr += "Item 7"

/* End of ASP generated script */


<script language="JavaScript" src="options/dynamiclib.js"></script>
<script language="JavaScript"> ez_codePath = "../code/" </script>
<script language="JavaScript"> 
document.write("<SCR" + "IPT SRC='" + ez_codePath + "ezloader.js'><\/SCR" +
"IPT>"); </script> 
<script language="JavaScript">menusGo()</script>

<script> showPermPanel('MainBar', 20, 25) </script>

....Your Own HTML Code.... 





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