[Typo3] print tt_products basket & finalize pages

Harry Jung typo3 at openj.net
Wed Jun 1 20:23:18 CEST 2005

Good evening,

i would like to print the last page of a tt_products fulfillment.

After the mail is sent to the customer, he/she should print out the page 
with all the necessary information:

1. Selected Products
2. Name, Email, address etc.
3. Shipping & Payment Information
4. Total-Price etc.

The data besides of the products is such dynamic, so that in the print 
output only the products appear, but not the rest of the information.

In the TS-Setup i put the standard config for printing:

page.21 = TEXT
page.21.value = printable version
page.21.postUserFunc = tx_make_printlink
page.21.postUserFunc.target = _blank
page.21.postUserFunc.make_user_int = 0

But it seems (and that is logical) that the engine refers only to the 
'basket-PID', where this data isn´t available.

So my question is: How can i get this working ?

Can i specify an extra PID for the finalize page in the Setup/Constants 
like 'plugin.tt_products.PIDfinalize = 1234' <- doesn´t work.

Of course i can use "javascript:window.print()", but this is not what i 
want, regarding layout / rendering issues.

Any ideas are highly apreciated ;-)

Best regards,

Harry Jung

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