[Typo3] tempavoila and custom processing

Bernhard Kraft kraftb at kraftb.at
Wed Jun 1 00:33:03 CEST 2005

Sami Ben-yahia wrote:

> [constants]
> pidSharedContent = 33
> [setup]
> styles.content.getShared < styles.content.get
> styles.content.getShared.select {
>     pidInList = {$pidSharedContent}
> }
> //

You can still create some "not in menu" page. put the shared content on it with
the traditional page module (little trick: you can also use the TV page module if
you have just one TV column on that page because TV inserts the content elements by
default in column normal)
and then retrieve the content as usual ...

instead of assigning

subparts.marker < styles.content.getShared
you will have to create a TS Object Path field in the TV Mapper and map it
to the area where you would like to have your shared content.

then set the TS object path to someting like
and assign in your TS:

lib.shared_content < styles.content.getShared

> I needed fe xml output because i use flash on the site, so i used this :
> //
> [constants]
> plugin.tt_products.file.templateFile = fileadmin/templates/products.xml
> [setup]
> xml_contentrendering >
> xml_contentrendering = PAGE
> xml_contentrendering {
>   typeNum=555
> ...
> }
> xml_contentrendering.10.10 = < xmlmenu
> xml_contentrendering.10.10.wrap = <menu>|</menu>
> //

First of all I have to say: I hate flash. Have a look at http://play.think-open.org/
Done completly without flash. (I mean the Games)

You could leave that page rendering untouched if just the menu comes into the xml.
if also content goes into the xml you will have to use something like:

includeLibs.kbfunc = fileadmin/kbfunc.php

subparts.xmlcontent = RECORDS
subparts.xmlcontent.source.postUserFunc = user_kbfunc->getPageFlexValue
subparts.xmlcontent.source.postUserFunc.field = field_content
subparts.xmlcontent.tables = tt_content

This will insert the content of the TV Content Elements field "field_content", which most
probably got mapped to the HTML template content area, into the subpart xmlcontent of your
traditionally renderd XML page.


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