[Typo3] direct_mail don't mass send (checked other threads!)

Peter Niederlag niederlag at ikd01.de
Sun Jul 31 10:30:56 CEST 2005

Hi Christian,

christian oettinger schrieb:
> Seems that sendmail gets an additional -f MID40_t287 when mass-sending.

exactly that's the problem.

This is supposed to be used to set the envelope-from(not the header
from!) in the mails. And it does not look like a valid mailadress to me.
Thats what you log comlains as well.

Depending on the sendmail-implementation U use there might be
restrictoions on using the -f parameter as well.

> For each recepient the part like t287 changes (see above) For each
> mass-mailing the MID40-Part changes (number getting higher).
> I don't know sendmail, so I don't know what the -i means, but in
> Test-mail I get the correct from-name and from-email as configured in
> TSConfig (see below) maybe the additional -f interferes with that? Maybe
> it's a problem of the server (I don't think so, for I have already
> mass-sended with direct-mail). Or where could I look in typo3?
> any idea is welcome

I would suggest to have a look at the source where the params for the -f
switch are compiled and see what is going wrong there.

also be aware that the -f switch can't be used in php_safe_mode and that
your sendmail-implementation might have some more restrictions on the -f
parameter.(due to compatibility exim, postfix,... all provide a sendmail
compatible binary but the might slightly differ though in details).
you could try a 'ls -al /usr/sbin/sendmail' to find out which mta you
are actually using.

I do assume however is is rather a problem where this parameter get's
compiled.. see beloww...

> thanks in advance and greetings from munich
> oe (christian)
> ## CONFIGURATION of the direct mail module:
> mod.web_modules.dmail {
>   plainParams = &type=99
>   HTMLParams =
> # table name of a userdefined table similar to tt_address (same fields)
> which may be used for distribution also.
>   userTable =
>   enablePlain = 1
>   enableHTML = 1
>   http_username =
>   http_password =
>   sendOptions=3

dont know about this ^^. What does the manual say?

>   return_path=###XID###

I would drop this ^^ one for a test. I do have a slight feeling this
could(!) be causing the trouble.

> }

> mod.web_modules.dmail.long_link_mode=0
> mod.web_modules.dmail.enable_jump_url=0
> mod.web_modules.dmail.quick_mail_encoding=0
> mod.web_modules.dmail.categories.0=Newsletter
> mod.web_modules.dmail.from_email=christian.oettinger at gmx.de
> mod.web_modules.dmail.from_name = Oekom Verlag
> mod.web_modules.dmail.organisation = Oekom Verlag
> mod.web_modules.dmail.replyto_email =
> mod.web_modules.dmail.replyto_name =

Also please report what you install-tool reports about the
'forceReturnPath' => 0 setting

That's all I can tell without looking further into it..

maybe it helps a little bit, otherwise contact me via PM.

Peter Niederlag
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