[Typo3] Redundancy in TYPO

Dmitry Dulepov typo3 at fm-world.ru
Sat Jul 30 16:58:09 CEST 2005


If you are using *nix installation, these folders are just symbolic
links. They do not take much extra space (only a copuple of bites). This
is described somewhere in the installation documentation I believe.

Since Windows does not support symbolic links normally, these
directories are copies of others on Windows.

You may also find interesting that /index.php is a symbolic link to


Dmitrii Dimandt wrote:
> Could anybody explain to me the need for so many redundant folders in TYPO:
> ../media/
> ../t3lib/gfx/
> ../tslib/media/
> ../typo3/gfx/
> ../typo3/t3lib/gfx
> are all virtually the same - flags, emoticons, fileicons... It isn't
> much when compared to the rest of TYPO (only 4MB), but I don't
> understand the need for this.

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