[Typo3] unicode today

Sean Ellis sellis at telus.net
Fri Jul 29 18:15:43 CEST 2005

Elmar Hinz wrote:


>> Does setting '[BE][forceCharset] = utf-8' on an existing typo3 setup 
>> mean that the database will need to be converted to use utf-8? 
> Don't know if [BE][forceCharset] has the effect to transform latin codes 
> in the DB to utf8 automatically.

Yes, lots of questions,

> Some search functions on DB level may not work as expected, because 
> utf-8 has variing length of chars if the DB isn't informed of it.

and potential pitfalls

> Try and report

I suppose there are a few things that I could try out, but I'm not 
comfortable about tinkering with the database server too much if it's 
not mandatory; typo3 is not the only database.

I think that the following web page might answer my question, assuming 
that it's current. I'm still not entirely comfortable; we will be 
hosting some Japanese content, and I'd like to know that I'm making the 
right choices.




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