[Typo3] coverImage.file.width not working?

Erwin Wondergem erwin at fuelle.nl
Fri Jul 29 17:41:45 CEST 2005


I'm creating a new plugin for a site we create, first time with Typo3.
I'm following Kasper's excellent video tutorial "Creating CD Collection 
Plugin" and everything seems to work fine.
Only... i can't a trival part get to work: the part where the image 
get's rendered.
No matter what i try, resizing the cover image isn't going to work... 
Anyone any idea what i'm doing wrong or where
to go to check possible failures? Has it something to do with 
configuration settings?

You can find the plugin here: 
You can find my template-setup here: 
You can find the plugin working here: http://stage.arminvanbuuren.com/?id=23

Hope some one can help me out, all hints and tips are highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance, Erwin Wondergem

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