[Typo3] mail not sent through install tool

Eric Elder pokey at theranch.org
Thu Jul 28 21:55:46 CEST 2005

I've narrowed this problem down to what I think is the differentiated  
formmail extension.  After uninstalling and reinstalling that  
extension, I've been able now to get mail to work through the install  
tool, and for a "normal" form with one email recipient.  But the  
remaining problem is that I still can't get the differentiated  
formmail extension to send out mail.

Like Daniel who mentioned this problem earlier, this was working for  
me prior to my upgrade to 3.8.0, and even for a time after the  
upgrade, but when installing some other extensions, it finally broke.

If anyone has any ideas how to get the differentiated formmail to  
work properly again, or where to look, that would be great, or if  
there are any alternatives to send emails to different addresses  
based on user's selections.


On Jul 27, 2005, at 10:32 AM, Eric Elder wrote:

My typo3 installation was sending email's fine until I recently tried
to install some extensions to test dmail (things like
direct_mail_subscription, sr_email_subscribe, feuser_admin,

My test didn't work out, so I uninstalled those extensions, but now I
can't get any email to send through typo3...the test email in the
install tool never gets sent, nor when checking the box to test "Test
t3lib_htmlmail" also in the install tool.  My forms on my site no
longer send emails, neither do my differentiated formmail forms.  It
seems all emailing has stopped through typo3, but no errors appear,
and the results pages display as it nothing is wrong.

Any place I should look to start tracking down a solution?


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