[Typo3] Workflow and Todo

Olivier Dobberkau olivier.dobberkau at dkd.de
Thu Jul 28 21:52:00 CEST 2005

Jeff Segars wrote:

> For me at least, the
> problem occurs before sys_workflows even comes into play.  I get the
> blank screen regardless of whether or not I have sys_workflows
> installed and regardless of whether or not I have the proposed groups
> and workflows installed.

strange. this sounds rather like a general problem in 3.8.0

> Did you have existing todos already in place when you upgraded the
> extension?  And is there a way for you to add new todos from the
> taskcenter?

i installed it from the ter and updated the todo ext.

> I haven't made it too deep into the code yet but I can make the
> extension display todos if I manually put them into the database
> rather than creating them from within TYPO3.  Even with existing
> todos in place, there is still not a way to create new ones.

i found a bug with the internet explorer. it is not possible to edit a 
created worklow.
you can do this in mozilla.

some observation i made:

- workflows can be created only on the root page.
- workflow are called by the content menu items.



ps: let make this beta software better :-) julle are you reading this? 

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