[Typo3] Workflow and Todo

Jeff Segars jsegars at alumni.rice.edu
Thu Jul 28 21:39:45 CEST 2005

Thanks for your help in trying to debug this.  For me at least, the 
problem occurs before sys_workflows even comes into play.  I get the 
blank screen regardless of whether or not I have sys_workflows installed 
and regardless of whether or not I have the proposed groups and 
workflows installed.

Did you have existing todos already in place when you upgraded the 
extension?  And is there a way for you to add new todos from the 

I haven't made it too deep into the code yet but I can make the 
extension display todos if I manually put them into the database rather 
than creating them from within TYPO3.  Even with existing todos in 
place, there is still not a way to create new ones.

Joseph, sorry about hijacking your question :) I think we're probably 
having the exact same issue though.


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