[Typo3] Converting static site into Typo 3

Gerald Fränkl | atic typo3 at atic.de
Wed Jul 27 22:00:58 CEST 2005

Hi Matt,

Matt Mucklo schrieb:
> Hello,
> I've successfully got the Top menu working and the Dynamic Page Content 
> (with a few glitches, which I will ask below),
> however how do I specify static news sidebar content to be editable via 
> Typo3?.
> I've tried using the 'Left' Page content, but that appears to be dynamic 
> across each page.
> (e.g. I put "sidebar = styles.content.getLeft") but I have to then add that 
> content on each page.

"Static" or "on every subpage"?
"on every subpage": eather you create a repository for the content and 
you include it on every page or you can hardcode it.

> Secondly, how do I add a second menu to a different part of the site (all 
> dynamic, using the same html template, but not under the same heirarchy as 
> the top Menu)?

Just create a new Typo3-template for that page. maybe you need to clear 
(checkbox) constants and setup.

> Currently I have a page for each heading and the subitems are sub pages 
> under those headings.  However when I click it goes to the page...

Have you tried a shortcut?

> Lastly, is there any way to have the Rich Text Editor output CSS code 
> instead of <font> tags?

Which Typo3-version? Which RTE-Extension. I highly recommend to 
deinstall the standard rte (activate "shy extensions") and install 
rtehtmlarea. There is an excellent documentation available.

> Oh, and also - what's the best way to store a PDF file within Typo3 and make 
> it accessible via a link on the site?  We want to be able to upload a pdf 
> copy of our newsletter each month and swap it out from month to month.

Depends on the way of presentation. E.g. you upload it every month or 
you can use one of the download-extensions.
You could even automate it via the newsletter-extensions.

:-) Gerald

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