[Typo3] language selection working, but no flag selection

Sean Ellis sellis at telus.net
Mon Jul 25 23:47:19 CEST 2005


I'm trying out the alternate language capabilities for typo 3.8, using 
advice from the multi-language tip page.


After adding an alternate language I can view the page using a url, ie. 
http://www.<mysite>/typo3/index.php?id=22&L=1 ; the alternate language 
displays corectly and the tx_srlanguagemenu_pi1 css styles have been 
added, but I'm having trouble displaying the flag images on the page.

The template setup is split up as in the template building tutorial, and 
I've added these lines in the same block where the 'content' and 'menu' 
subparts are swapped in.

subparts.content < temp.contentArea

temp.language = PHP_SCRIPT
temp.language.file = fileadmin/scripts/my_languageMenu.php
subparts.language < temp.language

This is the only reference to the 'language' subpart in my setup.

The element in my template html is being wrapped like so,

<td id="language"><!--###language### begin --> my 
language<!--###language### end --></td>

but no flags. The rest of the template is much like the MTB1+2 
tutorials; using autoparser. This is the only reference to the attribute 
'language'; should I be

Can anyone give me any pointers here.



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