[Typo3] Content missing in Right Content column

andreas at heckmaenner.de andreas at heckmaenner.de
Mon Jul 25 13:30:48 CEST 2005

I moved my typo3 website to another server. I thought I made an exact
copy. However on the new server, the right content area is missing. Text
in the middle content area is also not limited anymore. Seems I have
messed up something, but cannot find what it is.

Old (correct):


I use release 3.8.0 on both boxes. I have transferred the site by
exporting the entire database and copying the files structure. Then I
installed a blank 3.8.0 on the new server, inportet the database into a
completely empty database. Then I copied all folders incl. template, etc
to the new server and changed th db name to the imported db. So far
everything seems to work fine, except the right content column is missing
and the text content of the middle column reaches into the right side as
I did enable content (default) and cSet (default).
Any other idea what I could have done wrong / missed? I need to switch to
the new site very soon. as I have changed the provider.....

Any help is highly appreciated.


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