[Typo3] stupid questions?

Dmitry Dulepov typo3 at fm-world.ru
Sat Jul 23 18:29:21 CEST 2005

Hi Martin!

I afraid you have choosen a hard way :) I would suggest to install
Apache+PHP locally (there are many all-in-one installers on the net) and
try typo3 locally.

Start from Quickstart pacakge walking though the site, then reading
appropriate document from the typo3.org/documentation (there was
something like "getting started"). This would give you the most general

Then do "modern template building, part 1" tutorial. Depending on how
you feel, you can later continue to part 2+3 or jump to some other doc.

Having local installation is much better for strating. You are not
limited in this case, you can do anything much faster, you will not have
to overcome provider limitations at first.

When you played enough with typo3, when you feel stronger, you can go
with installing typo3 on provider's server.

Typo3 is not easy to learn (took me around 1.5 months with all my
experience with different CMSes) but it is really worth. I doubt I would
need any other CMS now. Typo3 is all anyone need...


Martin JЬrgensen wrote:
> Hello,
> I've just downloaded typo3 yesterday and now I'm trying to learn it. I've 
> searched for a lot of information on google and now I'm tired of searching 
> so I hope that it's okay for some of you, if I ask some questions here. I've 
> found out that my ISP have made restricted access to me on my webserver - 
> you should know this is known as "safe mode". Hopefully most things seem to 
> work out fine. However imagemagick seems to have problems, as I understand 
> what I've read on google. I can also see that I don't get a preview 
> thumbnail picture, but I can live with that...
> Now, I don't understand how to do these (simple) things:
> 1) When I upload a .jpg file typo3 rotates the picture - see 
> http://www.martinjoergensen.dk/ - click on "General information". Has this 
> something to do with safe mode? Or is it the template which I'm using (the 
> template name is "CrCPH")? Even if I rotate the picture 90 degrees before 
> upload, the picture is still sideways? This is really strange...
> 2) I've also installed the quickstart 3.8.0 package locally. So when I run 
> http://localhost/quickstart/typo3/index.php I get this:
> Error: This host address ("localhost") and the referer host ("") mismatches!
> It's possible that the environment variable HTTP_REFERER is not passed to 
> the script because of a proxy.
> The site administrator can disable this check in the configuration (flag: 
> TYPO3_CONF_VARS[SYS][doNotCheckReferer
> I found something useless on google... Now I ask for your help. It worked 
> out fine in the beginning, AFAIR.
> 3) I started to upload the quickstart zip package. Now I use the "Blank 
> DUMMY" package because I want to start all over from scratch and learn 
> typo3. How do I correct the links in the tree view to the left? When I for 
> instance click "general information" then the menu disappears - not exactly 
> smart, huh?
> 4) I don't like the text "STUF" in the top to the left - how do I replace it 
> with a logo or some other text?
> Hope somebody will help a newbie :-)
> Best regards,
> Martin JЬrgensen

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