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Randy Chertkow typo3 at randmark.net
Fri Jul 22 18:14:17 CEST 2005

Ah. Quite clever! I can see how that could work. The Next section functionality
will be able to go "Up" a level when it comes to the end, and when I have to go
down to a child, I can use a shortcut.

One question I have, however, is will it affect my side menu by doubling the
items? I have a side menu that shows an outline of my piece.

Also, this is more of a book than an article. There are, at current count, 47
pages of material, with more on the way. And three levels of documents. Top
ones are headings, next level are chapters, and the next level are side
articles when a chapter has multiple parts. I'll be creating quite a number of
shortcuts to pull this off, and doing a lot of manual work to do what I would
assume should be handled by the menuing system.

Out of curiosity, are there any other suggestions to make next go to the next
child or peer in line?


Quoting Francois Suter <fsuter at cobweb.ch>:

> Hi,
> > However, when I click next, it will only go to the next item at the
> > same level
> > as my current document, ones with the same pid, or go to the next
> > section,
> > since I set the boolean for moving betwees sections. This is correct
> > behavior
> > for browse, according to the above doc. However, it makes it
> > impossible to make
> > the automated next link go to the next article if the next one in line
> > happens
> > to be a child document.
> Well, what you could do is have all pages of your article be on the
> same level.
> The page above these would be a shortcut to the first child page.
> That way your menu of articles is still correct (it references all
> shortcut pages) and inside each article you can use the browse
> function.
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