[Typo3] Indexed Search - Content not indexed

Irene Höppner mail at isinett.de
Thu Jul 21 12:23:24 CEST 2005


> I put the <!--TYPO3SEARCH_begin> and <!--TYPO3SEARCH_end>  markers
> too, but it doesn't change anything !
> I am on typo3 3.8.0 and using templavoila
> but when I search a word which is not in a menu, it gives me the good  
> page.

Did you empty the index-tables? You can do that with the module web>info;  
choose "indexed search" on the right top function-menu and click on the  
red wastebasket.
Pages are indexed only every several days (depending on your  
configuration), which means, that you might get some "old information"  
after you inserted the markers.

> plugin.tx_indexedsearch.show.L1sections = 0
> plugin.tx_indexedsearch.show.L1sections = 1
> hum, I don't know what's the use of these 2 final lines... does someone  
> know ?
> if I leave only one putting 0 or 1 as value, it doesn't change anything !

Goto the advanced search form and check the selectbox where you can choose  
between whole website,...
You should see some changes there ;-).

>> Ok, decided to give Typo3.8 a try. Installed, no problem. And then the
>> Indexed Seacrh plugin started behaving erraticaly. At first it would
>> index _only_ menus - that left me buffled, really. All I could get out
>> of it was menus. It wouldn't index content.
>> Now it doesn't index anything at all. This happened after I put the
>> <!--TYPO3SEARCH_begin> and <!--TYPO3SEARCH_end>  markers around my
>> content. I am truly buffled.

Just an idea: the indexer stops indexing, if he finds an opening < in the  
source code. So if you use something like "< back to the list" instead of  
"&lt; back to the list" you make the indexer stop working (tt_news single  
view makes these problems ;-)). Might produce problems with rootlines like  
blubb > flupp too?!

Greets: Irene

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