[Typo3] Newsletter-DirectMail-Plaintext - div. Prbl.

Silke Gersdorf silke.gersdorf at web.de
Wed Jul 20 17:37:56 CEST 2005

Hello Everybody!

I do have quite a lot of problems with the Newsletter-DirectMail-Plaintext Plugin/Modul/Extension (whatever...).
Would be great if anybody could help!!!!

1) Plaintext:

The HTML document (= the newsletter) on which the plain text is based contains some HTML tags which have been wraped automatically round the bodytext of tt_content in my main template. Since the template applies for the entire site (it is some kind of policy to have no extension templates) I can't change the settings for tt_content here.
The problem now is that plain text is obviously unable to strip <div> and <p> tags. Is there a way to get plaintext to do this? Or another work around?

2) Plaintext revisited:

This is a KNOWN problem - believe me - I did search the archives, got lots of mentionings of the problem but no proper solution. The unsubscribe URL in the plain text mail directs to http://example.com.test/ . The entry in the setup of my main template

siteUrl = http://www.meineDomain.de/

soesn't solve the problem. The URL appears correctly in the link in the mail, but when u klick on it, it apparently redirects to the test-domain. 
Also remarkable: when u just have a look on the document in the browser (type=99) u see the old, wrong link (in the mail not).

I've got the extension direct_mail_extended installed (had the url fix installed previously as well - didn't work neither - but kicked it out again since it messed up all the fixes done by the extended-extension...)

3) Is there a possibility to automatically generate the categories in the subscription template (= table rows) from the categories being created in the module? The (really sucking!!!!) manual says no, but maybe somebody already developed a workaround...? 

U would make me the happiest person on earth with some hints :-)

Quite exhausted,
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