[Typo3] Template on next level starts from one level deeper?

"Bodo Eichstädt [T3C]" be at typo3cluster.com
Wed Jul 20 13:13:53 CEST 2005

Bing Du schrieb:
> I created two root level templates, tempA and tempB.  I want only the 
> frontpage to use tempA and all other pages use tempB.  So I set tempB as 
> template on next level for tempA.  I thought SITE would use tempA and 
> the rest pages should use tempB.  However the actual result is SITE, 
> Overview and Departments all use tempA.  Policises, News, Dept1 and 
> Dept2 use tempB fine.
> Page tree:
> -------------
>    Overview
>      Policies
>      News
>    Departments
>      Dept1
>      Dept2
> --------------
> The question is why Overview and Departments use frontpage template 
> (tempA) rather than subpages template (tempB)?

I guess "Overview" is your frontpage.

- Set tempB as Basis Template

2. Overview
- set tempA as Basis Template
- set tempB as Template on next level

you get:

SITE             tempB
    Overview      tempA
      Policies    tempB
      News        tempB
    Departments   tempB
      Dept1         "
      Dept2         "


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