[Typo3] Freesite - Advanced Templates?

Paul Maidment paul.maidment at isd.csa.scot.nhs.uk
Tue Jul 19 17:59:32 CEST 2005

Hi List,

This is a question related to the flexibility of the freesite module.

I would like to vary certain variables of typoscript for each site, a concrete example is shown below.

Consider the following typoscript...

#value of special should point to the policies page
#footer menu 
subparts.FOOTER = HMENU
subparts.FOOTER.special = directory
subparts.FOOTER.special.value = 472
subparts.FOOTER.1 = TMENU
subparts.FOOTER.1.target = _top
subparts.FOOTER.1.NO {
 allWrap = <span class="Utility">|&nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;</span>
 ATagBeforeWrap = 0   

#value of special should point to the top links section
subparts.TOPMNU = HMENU
subparts.TOPMNU.special = directory
subparts.TOPMNU.special.value = 57
subparts.TOPMNU.1 = TMENU
subparts.TOPMNU.1.target = _top
subparts.TOPMNU.1.NO {
 allWrap = <span class="Utility">|&nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;</span>
 ATagBeforeWrap = 0   

The purpose of this script is to create custom menus for headers and footers (requirements vary depending on site)
Provided that the value of 'Special' points to the root of a valid page tree, those entries will be used in the menu.

My 'Dummy Page Tree' in freesite will contain a folder for the header and footer, it would be nice to get freesite to insert the PID's as they are required, as currently, on site creation, the user must update these PID's manually, is there any way that I can achieve the desired effect through typoscript or configuration of freesite?

If not, I think that 'Freesite' would benefit from some kind of 'Site Configuration Manager'


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