[Typo3] arrrgh cant install/uninstall any extensions!

Raymond Hayes openedge1 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 20:47:15 CEST 2005

  We experienced the same issue...for some reason the database size
  swelled, and then it just would not accept any more extensions.
  We were forced to move this same site to V 3.7.1, and all works again.
  You may have to upgrade.
Good luck
Raymond Hayes
EVN Web Support and Development

On Mon, 18 Jul 2005 13:36:51 +0200, Ries van Twisk wrote:

>>Suddenly I can't add/remove extensions (3.7.0), I click the install
>>extension button and if needed I can click update, bu after that the
>>extension is still uninstalled (goes for uninstall too)
>>Any idea what might have happened here?
>>//Jane Larsen_______________________________________________
> Jane,
> it must be something in your localconf.php file.
> Maby check that first and see if you see any strange things in there.
> Ries

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