[Typo3] about optionsplit

JoH info at cybercraft.de
Sun Jul 17 23:30:00 CEST 2005

> If the number of menu items is unknown, how should optionsplit be
> used to display the first part of the menu in red and the second part
> in black?  For instance,
> item1 (red)
> item2 (red)
> item3 (red)
> item4 (black)
> item5 (black)
> If optionsplit cannot do it, how can it be implemented?

Define what you mean with "first part".
Always 3 items?
More than 3 items?
If yes, how many?
All items except the last two?

I'm pretty sure optionSplit can do it, if you are able to define what to do


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