[Typo3] sr_feuser register extending form problem

racco raczek at open.infi.pl
Sun Jul 17 15:41:58 CEST 2005

Uzytkownik "John Romano" <typo3 at pb.net> napisal w wiadomosci 
news:mailman.1.1121451688.5443.typo3-english at lists.netfielders.de...

> I had to add fields to the sr_feuser extension.   To do so, in addition to 
> adding the new field through an extension as you did, also you have to 
> make many mods to 
> ext/sr_feuser_register/pi1/class.tx_srfeuserregister_pi1.php and 
> associated changes to ext_typoscript_setup.txt, pi1/locallang.php and 
> pi1/tx_srfeuserregister_pi1_tmpl.tmpl
> Specifically you need to write the handlers for the new field... including 
> template markers, form field evaluation and finally storage.
> Simply adding the new field to the template and the setup does very little 
> in attaining the goal you seek.
> I hope this helps somewhat.
> John Romano


I know that changes in template (.tmpl) and setup.txt are obligatory, but 
what I have to change in class.tx_srfeuserregister_pi1.php ??


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