[Typo3] Swedish language file

tapio tapio.markula at dnainternet.net
Thu Jul 14 22:57:46 CEST 2005

> Maybe... I would like to "retranslate" some of the words because
> they are poor swedish, like "Lista filer" (instead of "Visa
> filer"), "Popup-sammanhangsmenyer", "Lokalisationsvisning" (for
> "Localization view"), "Modell" (for "Template") etc.
> Anyone know how to do this?

today these are defined in XML-files like

In the corresponding Finnish file:

		<languageKey index="fi" type="array">
			<label index="LGL.endtime">Lopeta:</label>

in the swedish

		<languageKey index="se" type="array">
			<label index="LGL.endtime">Sluta:</label>

or something like that
You must use search tool to find where each phare exist.

> And we also have to decide how to thranslate "backend",
> "frontend", "extension" and words like that.

Because in Findland Swedish is the second language I would like to 
discuss those.

BUT in some case original English language variable are REALLY BAD.
'Edit with Rich Text Editor' - well normally you edit with RTE it anyway
but the purpose is just to tell that alone in own view without 
additional fields

'Edit alone...' or something like that. I put in the Swedish version
  'Editera ensam!'

Very "good" example of extremely bad English title text is in TemplaVoila

'Unlink element' or something like that - doesn't tell anything for 
avarage user. Direct translation is sometimes REALLY BAD!

> Please discuss it in the typo3.ug.sweden mailing list!
> /Peter Kindström

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