[Typo3] fc bigfeet template questions

Andrew Hill andrew at salamander.net
Thu Jul 14 20:22:06 CEST 2005

hi folks,

i'm using typo3 with a modified fc bigfeet template to build this  
site:  http://www.affectiveneurosciences.com
i've got a couple of questions though - one, why does "Home" page  
title not show up when the home page is loaded? it's in the page  
header, i would expect it to...

and two, this page where i've added in a bunch of html content is  
doing something really funky to the page title - offsetting it way to  
the right.
anyone have any idea why?  http://affectiveneurosciences.com/ 

thanks for any advice - i'm still trying to figure out templating for  


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