[Typo3] Can one install Typo3 on a shared server with an FTP program?

Bill Alexy bill at psiberware.com
Wed Jul 13 21:03:27 CEST 2005

Bill Alexy wrote:
> Sly Sylvester wrote:
>> For the past 5 days I have been going through the
>> whole documentation and mailing list but could not
>> find any answer to my problem.
>> My question is, can one install Typo3 on a shared
>> server uploaded with an FTP program?
>> I am on a shared server and my host is 1&1.
>> I downloaded the QuickStart ZIP version 3.8.0 and
>> unzip to my pc and then uploaded it to my shared
>> server with an FTP program(FlashFXP) e.g.
>> http://www.mytestsite.com/typo3/.
>> Then started my browser and pointed to
>> http://www.mytestsite.com/typo3/typo3/install/ and I
>> went through the rest of the insatllation without any
>> problem, I thought.
>> But when I clicked on the (1: Basic Configuration) the
>> error appeared in RED:
>> typo3temp/ directory does not exist.
>> And on clicking on (5: typo3temp/) and there appear
>> the error clearly.
>> typo3temp/ not writable!
>> You must make typo3temp/ write enabled before you can
>> proceed with this test.
>> And I tried to enter the BE and after entering the
>> default username: admin and password: password, there comes the page 
>> blank with the following error:
>> ERROR: PATH_site + "typo3temp/" was not a directory!
>> and I could not enter the real BE page.
>> As said earlier, I went through the whole mailing
>> lists read a hand full of the documentations but came
>> across a very few who had the same problem in a
>> different way. And the problem was not really solved.
>> Please could somebody tell me how to solve this
>> problem. Or how best to install the typo3 on a shared
>> server. I am not really sure where exactly the problem
>> lies.
>> Sylva.
>> PS:
>> My host's PHP Memory limit is 40MB.
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> Hi Sylva,
> Using your FTP program or web admin change the permissions on your typo3 
> installation files and folders to write read and execute enabled. Here's 
> a link that shows you how
> http://www.flashfxp.com/help/
> In the change File Attributes dialog box Check evey checkbox or type 777 
> in the "Manual" field
> This link should be a help also:
> http://sridhar.f2o.org/index.php?p=120
> Regards,
> Bill
The Flashfxp link I gave should have been

Sorry about that,

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