[Typo3] Sorting newloginbox userlisting by custom field

Ben Chapman ben.chapman at emory.edu
Tue Jul 12 19:29:59 CEST 2005


We would like to use the newloginbox userlisting to list our faculty 
members. However, we need to be able to sort by last name. I used the 
kickstarter to extend fe_users to add last name (surname or family name) 
and first name (given name) fields. We can now display the information 
on our site like this:


However, I cannot find a way to sort by the new fields created by the 
extension that added the two new fields to the database. I apologize if 
this is obvious to others, but can anyone tell me what I need to do next 
to get the sorting?

Best regards,

Ben Chapman
Emory University School of Law
ben.chapman at emory.edu

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