Jaco Graaff jaco at spacexplorer.co.za
Thu Jul 7 23:10:41 CEST 2005

Jan & Rob had the same problem as I in the past and came up with the 
answer... I followed Jan's suggestion to edit the  "disableIPlock" field in 
the "be_groups" or "be_users" table from phpMyAdmin - since I can not log 
into my TYPO backend. I have not created a group yet thus I edited the first 
user in "be_users" table. Through phpMyAdmin I changed the default value of 
0 under "disableIPlock" to 1. When I logged on with that username it 

Hooray - i couldn't use this site for 3 months. Thx Typo3 partners.

I am going to apply the same solution to my main Typo3 installation on the 
usergroup of the client with the problem and leave the rest that is working 
as is (with the default 0). I will post the outcome on this.

thx again


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