[Typo3] Mailform element

Nick Weisser typo3 at openstream.ch
Thu Jul 7 10:01:07 CEST 2005

horde at chosenofgod.com wrote:

> I am quite new to Typo3, and programming, so forgive me for this very basic
> question. I have a mailform on my website, but when I click on the submit
> button, rather than jumping directly to the "Jump Page" (set in the "Jump to
> Page" configuration box), it opens a new window with the Jump Page, leaving the
> completed mail form open in the window under the new window that has popped up.

Go to the Constant Editor in the Template Tools, Web>Template -> 
Constant Editor and choose "Advanced" from the Category drop down. Then 
change the value for "Target for internal links" [PAGE_TARGET] from 
"page" to "".

Or directly enter


in the "Constants" section of the Template Tools.

Hope this helps!
Best regards
Nick Weisser

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