[Typo3] Migration problems

Simon Groenewolt simon at submarine.nl
Wed Jul 6 18:01:13 CEST 2005


Johan Dalström wrote:

> I am finally done with my typo3 project and have started the procedure of
> moving my website from my development environment to the actual webserver.
> Before extracting the website on the server, I did patch all the libraries
> and re-compile php, apache and so on. The website works fine with one
> exception: my horisontal ImageMenu GMENU does not work properly in the
> actual webserver environment. Typo does create the images, but the output
> does not have the same quality as in the development environment menu. The
> font is very narrow and not smooth.

You probably have another version (or setting) of FreeType on the server.

You can adjust the dpi setting in the backend.

Goto: Install > All Configuration
and then section [TTFdpi]



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