[Typo3] Migration problems

Johan Dalström johan.dalstrom at clearit.se
Wed Jul 6 15:30:10 CEST 2005

Good afternoon, everyone!

I am finally done with my typo3 project and have started the procedure of
moving my website from my development environment to the actual webserver.
Before extracting the website on the server, I did patch all the libraries
and re-compile php, apache and so on. The website works fine with one
exception: my horisontal ImageMenu GMENU does not work properly in the
actual webserver environment. Typo does create the images, but the output
does not have the same quality as in the development environment menu. The
font is very narrow and not smooth. In the development environment it works
fine. All the templates and configurations are exactly the same in both

Has anyone encountered anything like this?

Thanks in advance,

Johan Dalstrom

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