Jaco Graaff jaco at spacexplorer.co.za
Wed Jul 6 14:33:08 CEST 2005

Hi Olivier Thanks for the HELP - my lockIP on those installations are 0.

When I first had this problem I contacted the ISP-admin to find out if they 
have changed anything on the server security wise - because it seems that 
the issue is with the specific server - I can log into the backend-INSTALL 
without any porblem but the backend-ADMIN gives me the cookie error. What 
baffles me is I am able to log on from another PC not using my Internet 
connection. At the same time I can log into typo3 installations on other 
servers with different hosting Co.

The co. were I have the problem is CIHOST.com - I can log into 
monstercontrol etc.. - but again - I had difficulty to log into one of their 
secure areas were I can access some account specific detail. I could however 
log into this page on the other PC with the same username and password. I'm 
trying to define if it happens with certain type of login types were 
specific settings are particular. The other SP were I experienced the 
problem is a local South African co. which gives me the Cpanel for admin 
instead of Monstorcontrol.

thx again..... but I have not resolved this issue and asked my client to use 
his home system after hours untill I can resolve the issue (which did not go 
well). My tests showed that a clean install of typo or an upgrade (3.6 - 
3.7 - 3.8) did not work either - it is as if a particular server just has an 
issue with this login-type with a specific workstation.


"Oliver Schröder" <typo3 at schroederbros.de> wrote in message 
news:mailman.1.1120631563.28592.typo3-english at lists.netfielders.de...
> hi,
> try to set lockIP in $TYPO3_CONF_VARS["BE"] to a smaller value or even to 
> zero (change that in www.yourdomain.com/typo3/install).
> "If >0, be_users are locked to (a part of) their REMOTE_ADDR IP for their 
> session. Enhances security but may throw off users that may change IP 
> during their session (in which case you can lower it to 2 or 3). The 
> integer indicates how many parts of the IP address to include in the 
> check. Reducing to 1-3 means that only first, second or third part of the 
> IP address is used. 4 is the FULL IP address and recommended. 0 (zero) 
> disables checking of course."
> oliver
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Login-error
>> No user logged in! Sorry, I can't proceed then!
>> (You must have cookies enabled!)
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Hi List - I have a recuring problem in my typo installations. I wonder if 
>> anyone has experienced the same issue. One of my sites suddenly refused 
>> me login from specific computers. While I could still log into a typo 
>> installed on a server were  most of my sites are located, I could not log 
>> into a demo installation on a different server. I could log into this 
>> demo site with the same user name and password from the laptop of a 
>> partner with roaming internet connection (not using my connection) 
>> sitting next to me.
>> Now since I spend a lot of time trying to resolve this issue and because 
>> it was only a demo site I just let it go and rather deployed the demo on 
>> another server. Suddenly I'm getting the issue on my main site were 
>> clients could not log into typo with the correct user-name and password. 
>> From their computers I can however log into other typo3 installations on 
>> different servers. I can also log into typo from my computer. Now this is 
>> causing a lot of time lost and credibility issues from clients.
>> There seems no logical pattern in this behaviour since I am able to log 
>> into other installations on a DIFFERENT server from the systems which has 
>> a problem with a specific installation.
>> thx
>> Jaco 

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