[Typo3] I want 404's !!

Nate Russell nate at chillmost.com
Wed Jul 6 07:46:01 CEST 2005

Jeff Segars wrote:
> I just posted this in another thread, but here is my working setup with 
> the 404 extension
> 1) Patched 404page_not_found.php.  This file resides at the root of my 
> website.
> Line 106 changes from...
> $TSFE->connectToMySQL();
> to...
> $TSFE->connectToDB();
> 2) Included the 404 page in my .htaccess file (along with mod_rewrite 
> for RealURL).  These lines are what allows the 404 extension to be 
> executed when a page is not found.
> ErrorDocument 404 404page_not_found.php
> ErrorDocument 500 404page_not_found.php
> 3) Set up a domain record for the root page in my site.  When the 404 
> extension is installed, you can set a redirect page there.
> I'm using RealURL on the site and I have not set up the 
> pageNotFound_handling in localconf.php.
> Hope that helps...
> Jeff

Hello Jeff

Using some of your examples I got it to work but only after I went live 
with the site instead of hosting it on a sub-domain. I have a question.

When your error page is used, does it register and log a 404 error code 
in the server logs? The way I have it set up it only records 200, 
leading search engines to believe that everything is okay instead of 
updating their index.

Additionally I find that this works even if I leave out the

ErrorDocument 404 404page_not_found.php

or put in any other file name.

Something has to be configured wrong here but I don't know what.

Any ideas?


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