Jaco Graaff jaco at spacexplorer.co.za
Tue Jul 5 21:10:04 CEST 2005


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Hi List - I have a recuring problem in my typo installations. I wonder if 
anyone has experienced the same issue. One of my sites suddenly refused me 
login from specific computers. While I could still log into a typo installed 
on a server were  most of my sites are located, I could not log into a demo 
installation on a different server. I could log into this demo site with the 
same user name and password from the laptop of a partner with roaming 
internet connection (not using my connection) sitting next to me.

Now since I spend a lot of time trying to resolve this issue and because it 
was only a demo site I just let it go and rather deployed the demo on 
another server. Suddenly I'm getting the issue on my main site were clients 
could not log into typo with the correct user-name and password. From their 
computers I can however log into other typo3 installations on different 
servers. I can also log into typo from my computer. Now this is causing a 
lot of time lost and credibility issues from clients.

There seems no logical pattern in this behaviour since I am able to log into 
other installations on a DIFFERENT server from the systems which has a 
problem with a specific installation.



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