[Typo3] News & more than 2 pictures

Thorsten Dorn webmaster at ksc-luenen.de
Tue Jul 5 19:22:49 CEST 2005

Hi Oliver				

but how can I tell TYPO3 that I want to have one image on the left side of the page, the second one on the right, the third again on the left and so on... I know how to define alternative layouts for the list view, but I cannot imagine how to integrate such a layout into the single view! Any suggestions?

- Thorsten Dorn (torti)

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> for those, who don't understand German:
> you have to put in the setup field of your template the following line:
> plugin.tt_news.displaySingle.imageCount = X
> where X is the number of pictures, you want to display
> - Oliver Weyhmüller (greyzoner)

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