[Typo3] Loaded extensions: strange behaviour of back end

Rino Razzi razzi at archicoop.it
Tue Jul 5 13:39:39 CEST 2005

Hi everyone,

Here is a strange fact.
I use Typo3 BE in 2 different way:
a) https access for secure access when I'm not in the LAN (for exemple: 
b) normal http access when I'm in the LAN (for exemple: 

I configured Apache in this way:

in the document root of https created the simlink named "site" pointing to 
document root directory of http://www.mysite.it. In other words, 
using  both https://www.mysite.it/site/typo3/ and 
http://www.mysite.it/typo3/ should access exactly the same typo3 
installation, the same php and config files.

The strange is that there are differences on BE if I use one access or an 

Using  http://www.mysite.it/typo3/  I can't see loaded extensions AwStats 
and metatags.
Using https://www.mysite.it/site/typo3/ I can see AwStats and metatags in 
loaded extensions

Any idea?

Where information about loaded information are loaded?

thank a lot in advance

rino razzi

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