[Typo3] Can I evaluate constans in a template?

Helge Vad helge at mereteland.dk
Mon Jul 4 19:08:09 CEST 2005

>[globalVar = LIT:1 = {$constant_to_turnSomethingOn}]
>This sample does not run in my system.

- I'm not sure what the 'LIT' part stands for - but as far as GET paremeters - this TS example shows how a condition based on a GET
parameter can be applied:

[globalVar = GP:register=1]

How the example works:
When &register=1 is found in the url - that is, the GET paramer 'register' equals 1 - assign the frontend user registration
plugin.feadmin.fe_users to page content 10 - otherwise no content is generated.

Best Helge Vad

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