[Typo3] indexed search / indexing pdfs from download repository fail

"Jürgen"j.pietschmann at zweigang.de "Jürgen"j.pietschmann at zweigang.de
Fri Jul 1 18:47:22 CEST 2005


using TYPO3 Ver. 3.7.1, indexed_search 2.1.3, I Have run into the
following problem: Indexing external documents (pdf) works only partially
, it fails with the extension "download repository" (mit_download).

What might cause the trouble? I have figured that indexed search may be
unable to interpret links such as
https://www.domain.de/index.php?id=97&no_cache=1&file=159&uid=239, or
especially the no_cache=1 attribute.
What would happen, however, if the no_cache command is removed from the
link - will the file stil be able to be opened?

Has anyone succesfully indexed files inside the download repository?


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