[Typo3] Upgrade to 3.8 causes RTE table html to be displayed as text

Lyle E. Dodge lyle.dodge at wwc.edu
Fri Jul 1 21:58:21 CEST 2005

Hi folks,

We finally fixed our problem here and are happy to report that all is well. :)

The problem was some TypoScript in the template setup field I had recently put in (first clue:
check your recent changes, I should have learned this before).

On our site the <p>&nbsp;</p> stuff isn't so desirable so I removed it from
./typo3/sysext/css_styled_content/static/setup.txt.  That fixed work but isn't very future
proof--as upgrades happen we'll have to go tweak that code each time.  So...I decided to put *a
portion* (here's where I went wrong) of the items from the block I needed into my TypoScript.

lib.parseFunc_RTE < lib.parseFunc
lib.parseFunc_RTE {
          nonTypoTagStdWrap.encapsLines {
                encapsTagList = div,p,pre,h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6
                remapTag.DIV = P
                nonWrappedTag = P
                innerStdWrap_all.ifEmpty =             # removed &nbsp;
                #addAttributes.P.class = bodytext      # commented out
                #addAttributes.P.class.setOnly=blank   # commented out

What I didn't realize in doing that (kicking myself now) was that by doing lib.parseFunc_RTE <
lib.parseFunc I was overwriting that entire set of config values previously set by the
css_styled_content setup.txt.  So...to resolve this problem I simply put _all_ of the
lib.parseFunc_RTE setup TypoScript from setup.txt in there.

Seems a bit much just to remove the &nbsp; and class="bodytext" from P tags.  Is there an easier
way or should I just keep all that code in my TypoScript?

Thanks for all those who helped, I have so many gMail accounts to spare that if you actually want
some, let me know. :)

Lyle E. Dodge lyle.dodge at wwc.edu
Walla Walla College Web Services

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