[Typo3] Double checkboxes for captionSplit in Constant Editor?

Nate Russell nate at chillmost.com
Fri Jul 1 01:30:48 CEST 2005

I'm trying to enable the captionSplit so that I can have multiple 
pictures on a page, each with its own caption.

I found a few threads describing it and it seemed easy enough

In the video from Kasper and in various threads I found the same thing:
styles.content.imgtext.captionSplit = 1 needs to be activated in the 
TypoScript Object Browser.

When I do this and then reload the page it doesn't work. Instead no 
captions are displayed at all.

Then I noticed something strange in the Constant Editor.

When I view the settings for "Images, caption split" in the Constant 
Editor there are now not 1 but 2 checkboxes and they are both checked. 
If I uncheck one or the other or both, update and then check back in the 
TypoScript Object Browser, the value is set back to 0. If I check both 
boxes the value in the TypoScript Object Browser goes back to 1. Either 
way it doesn't work no matter what is checked.

Is this a bug? What could be causing this?

Has any body seen a similar bug? Double check boxes?


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