[Typo3] Upgrade to 3.8 causes RTE table html to be displayed as text

Art Ketcham typo3.org at ArthurK.com
Fri Jul 1 00:39:45 CEST 2005

We just update to version 3.8 from 3.7.0, and we noticed that page
content items which were created in the RTE are not displayed properly
in the front end web page.

Our old and new RTE is htmlarea, although they are different versions.

What happens is that when we have an item in the RTE (previously created
or new) that has a table in it, all of the table related tags, such as
table, td, tr, etc. is displayed as raw text on the front end (the html
is not kept as html).

When we put this code in as a raw html item, which doesnt use the RTE,
then everything works fine. So this problem has to do with the RTE and
the parsing of the html.

This is rather frustrating, but I'm sure there is a simple fix. I will
give 5 gmail addresses to whoever solves this problem :p


Arthur Ketcham
Web Services
Walla Walla College
-typo3.org- at -ArthurK-dot-com

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