[TYPO3] html with javascript as a content element

Tyler Kraft headhunterxiii at yahoo.ca
Thu Dec 29 16:37:38 CET 2005

sorry my mistake

try this

[globalVar = TSFE:id = 3]

page.headerData.10 = TEXT
	<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" TYPE="text/javascript">
	// all the javascript code

But you could have found all this in TSref.  I know it can be very 
frustrating and annoying, but you just need to read and reread all the 
docs numerous times. It will come together.

But the first point of checking should have been to see if it was going 
into the html output from typo3, as that would have told you that the 
problem was still in the template and not the html/javascript.

hope thats a bit more helpful ;-)

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