[TYPO3] html with javascript as a content element

Jörg Verstraete jorg.no.verstraete at telin.spam.ugent.be
Thu Dec 29 15:42:02 CET 2005

Tyler Kraft wrote:
> Like so often these are all easy things that could be found in TSref. 
> Always keep a copy handy.

I have read it, and have all the tutorial files local, but some things 
still weren't (and still aren't clear...). :-)
Your reply did help me (I think).

> You need to add it in the page template setup, not the page header 
> TSconfig (a bit confusing, I know).  And as you only want it on a 
> certain page you should probably have a look at the conditionals section.

Ok, so now I have added this in the template section (the setup box):
[globalVar = TSFE:id = 3]
page.headerData.10 (<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" TYPE="text/javascript">
// all the javascript code
The template analyzer shows no errormessages (<SCRIPT...> part is in 
green, code is all in red, just like the constants that are defined).

On the page on which I intend to put the from (page with id=3), I have a 
HTML content item with a form defined making use of a javascript function.

I'm baffled, because it still doesn't work... :-(

There must be something wrong, but I haven't got a clue... The same java 
script code and form code work in a static html page.


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