[TYPO3] user permissions in Typo BE

Andreas Balzer newsgroups at andreas-balzer.de
Wed Dec 28 13:58:00 CET 2005

I have a big problem with my typo3 BE. I have nearly 200 BE users. They are 
divided into groups and every group has their own part of the website, which 
they can administrate. Well, the big problem is, that these users could be 
titled as "the dummiest users alive".. You see my problem? :)
I need a TS Code Configuration, which suits this kind of usergroup. The 
configuration should be added as a group. (seetings should be in a group TS, 
so i can call this group "dua-settings" and just add this group to the 

Well, i read, that something like this is possible, but it's hard to read & 
create such a big TS Code (for a newbee, like i'am..)

Does anyone of you have a configuration file, which nearly forbids every TS 
settings or special things to a BE user? I would thank you thousand times, 
if i could get it..


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