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Brandon Black djevit at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 27 13:27:14 CET 2005

> From: "Michel" <mig at nospamrds.nl>
> I'm looking for an other provider, but it's not easy
> to change. and it's not 
> easy to find a good provider.

A good provider as in one that dosnt shut stuff off
thats needed? Or one that stays around for longer then
a year?

Anyhow, Ive just switched Hosts again...i think thats
the 10th in the last five years. After about the third
move I realized you either Pay for Dedicated, or host
your own like mentioned earlier. Unfortunately I'm
unable to do either at the moment so I attempt to
structure my sites to make moves easier when it's

All previous hosts were American run, but this last
one is based in London. Hopefully ive found 'the one',
but not too hopeful. They are decent priced, $100/year
for the smallest package with easily upgradable
options whenever needed. Direct Admin is used for
managing everything...which I like much better then
cPanel or anything propriatery ive tried. Theyve been
around since 1997 which is promising and show good
growth since 2003.

I've submitted numerous Support Tickets with excellent
turn around...even over Christmas Eve and Christmas
Day...now thats putting the client first :) - And
lastly, a few options that my wiki and typo3 required
were OFF (safe mode)...and they had no problem
switching them on for me. There are a few missing
components I have yet to ask about (ImageMagic,
something else I forgot), but nothing thats a deal

So heres the site if your interested in adding another
into your researching http://www.matrixxhosting.com/.
And dont worry, i dont work for them...ive just
learned to do my homework before I drop money on
product and service, especially in the unstable market
of Hosting.

Hope this helpes,


The Inuen Network

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