[TYPO3] mod.web_layout.disableXYZ

Christoforos Christou typo3 at 3CM.biz
Mon Dec 26 07:29:09 CET 2005

[sorry, after a long night, I post to a wrong thread :-/ ]


I make a BE-user XYZ, for 3 pages, whith the following access to these
owner: BE-user XYZ
access: **xxx
(aloud to show page and edit content,
 but not aloud to edit, delete or create a new page)

My problem is, he can see the in the "web > layout view" on the upper
left corner the items/icon-elements
| [<] [*] [->] [*] [\] [?]|
"history, create new content, move page, create new page, edit header"

I want, that he can only see:
| [*] |
"create new content"
or... nothing, because the "create new content" item is also on the

Fact is, that he really cannot edit, move or delete something that,
I did not aloud to him, he correctly runs in an error:
"Sorry, you didn't have proper permissions to perform this change."
But for usability reasons, I think it is the better way not to show
this items.

So I try to find something like:

or something completely radical like

but as you know, nothing.
Yes, I found the extension tm_contentaccess, but it XClasses my
erotea_date2cal extension... and I am sure, on the next update of
erotea_date2cal, I will have forgotten this ;-)

So maybe something for Typo3 4? Or is this possible?

peace, health and happiness to all of you


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