[TYPO3] generate page.bodyTag with userfunc

Markus Lange markus.lange at bgm-gmbh.de
Fri Dec 23 12:35:54 CET 2005

> Maybe the solution is to somehow generate a constant with the userfunc,
> since I know that page.bodyTag = <body class="{$myConstant}"> would work.
> But I'm reaching the limits of my Typo3 knowledge here!  I certainly have
> no
> idea how I could generate / replace a constant value with a php function.
> I've had a look at what the image rotation scripts are doing but nothing
> there will help me I think.  Can anyone help?

go for page.bodyTagcObject (seee tsref)

page.bodyTagcObject = USER

and symply return a valid bodytag in you function

Markus Lange

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