[Typo3] Multi Language Site - only 2 languages show up

Loek Hilgersom hilgersom at xs4all.nl
Thu Dec 22 10:43:29 CET 2005

Hi Kerstin,

You've probably forgotten to install your languages as website languages. 
Choose 'list', select the root of the tree and choose 'create new record'.
There you should create a record of the type 'Website language' (not just 
language!) for every language you use, except your default language.

Now the option 'languages' should show up.


Kerstin wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a newbie, so bear with me.
> I am developing a Typo3 website for my language school and it's in 4 
> languages:  English, German, French and Spanish.
> We're using the template ZenLight3col from Mediatech.
> I installed the "sr_language_menu" extension.  (after installing the 
> dependent extensions sr_static_info, static_info_tables)
> In "Page"  view, the option "Language" does not appear in the drop-down menu 
> as it should.  I only get "Columns", "QuickEdit" and "Page Information"
> I installed the following extensions (I know some of them have nothing to do 
> with the multi-lingual setup.  This is just to give you the full picture).
>     the language packs -       csh_fr,  csh_de,  csh_es
>     language detection -       rimp_language_detection (and the extended 
> version)
> Obviously the other 3 installed languages aren't recognized.
> In "Template" under "Include Static" "Items", the "Spanish language.es 
> (Spanish)" does not show up at all.  However, German and French do.
> What am I missing out on?
> Kerstin
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